Domestic Bliss


Personally I think there is nothing more satisfying than the sight of a freshly baked cake on a cake stand and often take a picture of it, before its devoured by hoards of teenagers.

It seems I am not the only one and some people are making a career out of it.

We have been hooked on Jane Brockets blog, Yarnstorm, for a while and were delighted when she brought out a book,
The Gentle Art of Domesticity: featuring her inspiration for growing fruit and flowers, quilting, sewing and crocheting and her favourite recipes.
Jane caused quite a stir when it was first published and her love of all things domestic was branded ‘pinny porn’.

We think it possible to be a feminist and a cake maker and we should celebrate all the great things about being a woman. And if a Lemon Drizzle cake is what floats your boat. So be it. Just invite me round for a cup of tea when its ready.

Over the coming months we will alert you to all our favourite blogs, domestic or otherwise. But for now, take a look at Yarnstorm. Before you know it you’ll be darning socks!!

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