Middleagedmum.com: Saturday night in

FiresideThe fire is lit, its raining outside and really really cold. The X Factor is about to come on, we’ve made popcorn and 14 year old son is going to a party.

‘Wouldn’t you rather stay in with us and watch a film’ says his father, ‘Look how horrible it is outside and how cosy it is in here.’

He won’t be persuaded despite the fact he went to a party last night.

I remember the days when I thought my parents were the dullest people in the world; they could go out every night if they wanted to, yet they CHOSE to stay in.

Off he goes into the cold and we settle down for the night. We try not to think about what he might get up to.

At 8.30 I get a text. ‘On my way home’

He walks through the door and gives me a big gruff hug. ‘Party no good,’ I say.

'Garth and Ben turned up and started smoking weed, and it was boring, me and Alfie just thought, lets go home to our fams and watch a film. Plus the fires on and it nice’

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