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Half term visit from teenage god daughters coincides with the opening of Westfield’s new mall in Shepherds Bush. Since the Women’s Room has professional commitments to visit and report they are dragged along at 9.00am for the press briefing. They wander off to explore and after an exhausting couple of hours declare the place a hit, although freely admit that apart from nipping out to watch Leona Lewis sing, they’ve spent most of their time in the new Topshop flagship.


They buy shoes (metallic gold mary-janes and heeled brogues) dresses from the Kate Moss collection and accessories. We finish mid afternoon, glassy eyed and feel as if we’ve been in an airport lounge all day. The girls, up from Wales, forget momentarily that we’re in London.The next morning we go two more stops on the tube from Westfield’s to Portobello Road, where we potter around the vintage stalls in the cold, picking up lace dresses, merino knit coats and embroidered cardigans at bargain prices and feel like we’ve been extremely clever. The stall holders chat and give advice on buying vintage and where to go for lunch –we plump for the Electric.

We retire after an exhilarating morning to huge burgers and chips and major discussions about which was the better retail destination, Portobello or Westfields  No question for me, has to be the great adventure that is the market, the girls’ mum agrees but is worried we’ve not done enough culture in the two days they’ve been up. “But mum, Portobello Road is culture!” .So there you go, skip Westfield, go to Portobello and do retail and culture in one go.

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