Martha moments: drying roses in the Aga


An impossibly smug posting here for all Aga owners (sorry). I discovered today that the warming (or simmering in the two door version) oven on my Aga dries roses to perfection. Cut the rose heads off the stems before they collapse and place them on a metal tray in the oven overnight. Perfect dried roses and an old fashioned rosy-musty smell will await you in the morning. Very Martha Stewart.


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  • Amanda Hutchinson says:

    Slightly bothered by photo. Seems that the flowers have dried, but they have also ‘cooked’ which means that the petals have browned instead of retaining their colour. I dry quite a lot of flowers on the aga, but have found that they need to be on a muslin cloth on the aga airer so that air can also circulate. If they are on a baking tray the petals brown, as seen in this photograph. If you pluck the rose off at the stem and dry with the stem down, its an even better result.

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