We love: Comptoir des Cotonniers


French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers was bought recently by Fast Fashion, the same company that owns Uniqlo and it’s rolling out stores all over, so look out for one coming your way soon.


The reason we love it is because it designs ageless clothes in natural fabrics that look good on everyone, and to prove it the advertising campaign uses real mums and daughters wearing the stuff. There’s a very strong dash of French chic in the range, which is built from simple classic styles in good quality fabrics with the odd quirky shape and print thrown in. Fab, incredibly wearable and not too expensive.


By the way, if you have a gorgeous teenage daughter and want to try your luck at being ‘beautiful people’ in the ads, check out the website for details, as they’re looking for willing (non arguing) volunteers.


Comptoir des Cotonniers

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