The Women’s Room Christmas cake: time for the brandy



If you’re making the Women’s Room Christmas cake, it’s time to feed the Christmas cake with a slug of brandy or rum. Unwrap the base of the cake with care and poke a few holes – five should do it- with a chopstick or skewer. Drip in the alcohol so it soaks in nicely and then wrap the cake up again. Swig covertly from the bottle and make a cook's wish. Store cake base side upside.


For icing the cake you will need the following, so put it on the shopping list for the weekend.


3 tablespoons apricot jam (or sieved marmalade)

750g pack of golden marzipan

2 egg whites

400g icing sugar, sieved

1 pack of Regal-Ice ready-to-roll icing

Assorted cutters, writing icing and food dyes, depending on what you want you final forest of trees to look like.



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