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We love the very clever creative team at Penguin who continue to push the boundaries and think outside the box, while other publishing companies moan and groan about the impact of the internet.


In 2007 they launched an experiment in collaboration and creative writing called, A Million Penguins based on the WIki principle. For six weeks anyone logging onto the site was able to contribute to the novel in progress or edit the work that was already there. The Wiki was accompanied by a blog where the editor was able to provide a running commnentary on the work in progress.


They also launched Spinebreakers, an alternative book website for and run by teenagers. It features vidlogs, blogs, short stories, alternative book jackets, soundtracks and reviews from young people between 13 and 18.


Their latest idea My Penguin, Books by the Greats, Covers by You, features 12 classic novels, including titles such as Alice in Wonderland and The Waves by Virginia Wolfe. They come with plain white art quality paper covers and the idea is to individually design the cover and write your own personal review on the back of the book.


What a fantastic idea for a Christmas present for the creatives in your life. Or if you feel artistic, buy your own favourite book, illustrate it yourself and write a personal message on the back.


Now where are those Carandache?


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