Shopping with experts: our Sale mantra


This year it’s going to be hard to resist the sales since retailers are slashing starting prices by the sort of discounts we expect to see at the end of sales to clear the last dregs of stocks. Opening prices are at least 50% off and I’ve seen 70% and even 90%. Goodness knows what it will be like by the end of January, perhaps they’ll being giving it away?

Some of our best friends are retailers and we are feeling sorry for them right now. Particularly the small independent stores run by enthusiasts. Big high street chains are suffering but have deep pockets and will survive, small independents have less cash to buffer them and many really good ones may disappear. So think of this when searching out a bargain, try your local independent store first.

But keep your head in these mad times, don’t buy just because something’s cheap, let’s face it, we’ve all got enough stuff and we don’t really need any more.

Our sale-buying mantra when we are staring at ourselves in the changing room mirror is …


“Is it beautiful or essential?”


If it’s not then just don’t bother. If it doesn’t make your heart beat faster then put it back. In our experience there is always something more beautiful to be found around the corner…..

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