We love: Hand-me-Downs from Howies


As we are all now Simplifying (see previous post) and buying fewer, but more beautiful things, we were thrilled to see that Howies, the active casual wear brand, has come up with a lovely idea based on making beautiful clothes that last so long you can hand them down.


The items even have Hand-me-Down labels sewn in so you can write your name on the ‘owners list’ and even dedicate the item to the next person. Howies guarantees each item for ten years but anticipates that they will last much longer than this.


The first items in this range are two jackets (men’s and women’s) and three styles of bags. To last so long Howies has chosen very tough but beautiful organic Ventile waterproof cotton, and lined it with specially woven Ardalanish tweed made by the weavers on the Isle of Mull.


The Howies team are passionate, dedicated young souls who are deeply committed to what they do and they tell a great story (we love the catalogue) around each product. Have a look at the micro site (link below) which explains the thinking behind the Hand-me-Down idea and see what we mean.


Only 30 of each style has been made, and at (deep breath) £400, the jackets are a touch pricey, but if you look at it as £40 over ten years (minimum) then it almost sounds reasonable. We love the more affordable bag range, which has lovely chunky buckles, waterproof zips and all manner of leather trims.

Imagine if all vintage clothes had a hand-me-down label history to consult, what stories they could tell. Good idea Howies!


Hand-me-Down at Howies


Howie bag  


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