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Having a passion for what you do is a great incentive to get up in the morning. Well, we think so anyway and we are always on the look out for women who feel the same. Former colleague Becky Carr definitely falls into this category.

Becky is a passionate creative who has done more than her fair share of corporate time. Many years spent as a print designer for Conran Design, George Davies, Next, the trend company WGSN, and Gap, earnt her a decent living, but her refusal to take the management step (and a desire to have time with her kids) meant she reached a point where she thought 'What next'.

When her mum fell ill in 2007 she had to take several months off work to care for her. Sadly her mum died and Becky went through a period of re-addressing her priorities. Then her husband bought her a book by Todd Oldham on the American designer, Charley Harper and she was so inspired she knew she had to do what she loved most, design.

After a period of experimentation she came up with the idea of designing cards and was helped by an old colleague from The Gap, Clare Pugh who already had a successful card range. Working with graphic designer and old friend Tim Hopgood and her husband Rob, Becky has created a range of cards with broad appeal; combining retro nostalgia and a thoroughly modern, graphic aesthetic.

Becky says 'It's such a pleasure to enjoy my work again, it’s made me very happy, I feel very fortunate to do what I do.' 

She is showing at the Top Drawer trade show in London, this week, so if you are going along, take a look, or you can order directly from the website. We just know Owaboo is going to be a great success.


Top Drawer


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