We love: Middleagedad’s blog


Middleagedad is something of a wonder, not only is he a great husband and dad, but he also does a good line in quirky photos that he puts up on his blog. Being a London lad, he is a big fan of the city and wonders around looking for the beauty and humour in stuff that the rest of the world fails to see.

He is currently slightly obsessed with road markings, particularly ones that are less than perfect and may be suitable for making up stories about (the traffic cone gang from December 2008 made us laugh a lot). He does the blog entirely for his family and one or two mates and posts one photo a day, often taken on one of his fitness runs, and it’s building up to be a great daily diary to look back on. Being old we often forget what we did last week let alone what the day looked like back in November and it’s great to have a gentle reminder.


The Women’s Room, keen diarist in our youth, wonders if the photo blog format might be a fun hobby/diary to encourage our teenagers to get into, it’s easy, free and doesn’t involve writing, something children seem to be less keen to do today ( or is it just ours?). Uploading one photo a day should be easy for them and might prove fun. An idea to remember for the next rainy weekend.


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