All I want for Christmas: dog lovers

Images by Gez Gethings –

The first in our series of posts bringing you interesting and alternative ideas for Christmas presents, today we look at a subject after my own heart – dogs.

If like me, you are ridiculously soppy and treat your dog like a child, you will be wondering what to buy him/her for Christmas. Or you may have a dog mad friend or relative to buy for.

Dogs are a lot like small children on Christmas day and are only really interested in presents if they have either a food, or paper ripping element.  My friend Louise who owns The Darling Dog Company, made some great Christmas crackers for dogs last year, that incorporated both and were a big hit in our house.

I am really hoping (MAD if you are reading) to get one of Gez Gethings wonderful photographs of my dog for Christmas and have been dropping some heavy hints for weeks.

Gez walks his border terrier in our local park and is one of my favourite dog Instagrammers (yes there are lots of people who only Instagram pictures of their dog, I’m looking at you Steffi). His portraits of dogs capture their trusting nature and individual personalities and give them an almost human quality.

He also recently released his first self published book – Dogonomics, which is part of an ongoing project which will eventually lead to a catalogue of every breed.


Other nice ideas for dogs and dog lovers include hand knitted dog jumpers in a variety of great colours, vintage dog book ends, a double lined waxed Hunter coat and of course the essential dog of the day advent calendar.

Paws and Purrs

These and many more great dog and cat products are available from my local pet shop Paws and Purrs and are also available online.

Paws and Purrs

If you really want to indulge (perhaps for your gay best friends dog) you could try this cashmere sweater from the new collaboration between Markus Lupfer and Whistles.

Markus Lupfer for Whistles

And finally if you have a friend who doesn’t actually own a dog but just likes things with ears, check out the Marc Jacobs, Pickle dog phone case. Again a little pricey at £40, but there are sure to be “versions” coming soon, to a market stall near you.

Marc Jacobs


  • steffi says:

    OMG am very excited reading this (if I had a tail, I’d be wagging big-time right now) and am a total follower and huge admirer of Gez Gethings’ stunning STUNNING photos on IG. Beautiful suggestions ladies! Also check the Barbour website – they have 2 rather gorgeous dog-coats (waxed and quilted). Obsessed? Me?????

  • Debora says:

    What a treat to see Gez’s fabulous pictures here. His picture of Barney is high on the list of the things I would grab if my house was on fire (after the dog, of course).

  • Dog in woof sweater post is so sute!

  • Louise says:

    I love the dog on the chair! Yes Gez is a genius with the dog camera his Instagram feed is an absolute must…..
    Also love Purrs & purrs and their lovely vintage doggy finds, oh and the fact they stock a selection our EdwynUK range….so I am a bit biased!

  • Jane says:

    Of course they do Louise, I should have mentioned that too, next time J x

  • Kay says:

    I’m worse than you. I want a painting of my dog. #smh at myself, but there you have it.

    Thanks so much for the intro to Gerrard Gethings’ work. That photo of the old gent drinking tea is just amazing. xoxo Kay

  • Amy says:

    It’s ans Austar

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