Shopping with experts: Anthropologie


Inside the Anthropologie store in New York's Rockerfeller Centre

Be still our beating hearts. At last the wonderful US based Anthropologie brand is coming over to the UK and is opening not one but two shops in London. We have mentioned Anthropologie before here on the Women’s Room as we are big fans of the brand’s relaxed, grown-up hippie chic.

Another reason we love the brand is because of its gorgeous ‘lifestyle’ shopping environment, which merchandises stock by setting it out as if it was your home. Squishy sofas, coffee tables piled with books to browse and even beds to rest on, the store does all it can to encourage you to dwell longer within its comfortable set-up. Antiques and mini exhibitions of jewellery and special collections are curated to make your trip a bit more interesting.

Store display and windows are often breathtakingly creative and always edge on the crafty side. You feel that you could do what they do at home, if you had the time, skills and working glue gun (not one that is welded to the shed bench in a puddle of set, cement-strength glue). It’s accessible ‘showing off’.

The stores will open later this year, in Regent Street and in the old Antiquarius building in The King’s Road.  Expect to fall in love.


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