We love: Anthropologie


This week the Women’s Room has been in New York discussing retail. Although the dollar is depressingly low against the pound, American retailers are busy slashing prices in order to get their own folk to part with their bucks, so all things considered, there are still bargains to be had if you are visiting soon.

One of our favourite American retailers yet to open a store over in Europe is Anthropologie, a sort of hippied-up Jigsaw, which was started by people who ‘liked making things’. It’s clothes have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, crafty feel and it prides itself on being a ‘lifestyle’ retailer.

This means that it sells more than clothes (home-wear, books, Christmas decorations, lovely jewellery, toiletries and even furniture were all evident in the New York Rockerfeller Centre flagship) all merchandised in a creatively mixed up way. It looks so good and the displays are so wonderfully inspiring that you want to move in.


The clothes have a sense of character and are full of quirky, appealing details that make them very individual and highly covetable. Stylishly crafted embellishments such as interesting buttons, appliqué and beautiful embroidery are brilliantly executed. In a time where we’ve all got enough clothes, these extra differentials add value and It’s hard to make a visit without buying something you know you’re going to cherish.


And the good news is that now the brand ships to the UK from its website, although it’s not cheap; the Creek and Cavern chunky cable knit sweater coat in the picture is £372 with shipping and tax. It’s no replacement for a visit to the store, which is a must-do when you next visit the States, but it’s better than nothing.


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