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St pauls by Jason hawkes 

St Pauls from the air by Jason Hawkes


The Women’s Room is proudly based in London, which even after nearly a quarter of a century of crowded tube travel, the congestion charge, complicated recycling rules, extortionate cappuccino prices, even higher house prices and dodgy air, we still love with a passion.


OK so we may occasionally day dream of owning a house in the country, but it soon passes and when we see photos like these from Jason Hawkes, we know why. Jason hangs out of helicopters with his Nikon camera and MacBook to take gorgeous shots of London from the air. He even manages to make the Westfield shopping centre look beautiful, which is a real achievement (5th photo down on the link photos below). The Big Picture blog, run by the Boston Globe website, is full of awe inspiring photo essays from around the world and is uplifting viewing.

We’re slightly twiddling our thumbs during January, browsing the web rather than stores so as not to seem overtly consumerist during this tricky time – it still feels wrong to be encouraging too much shopping. Although, like the idea of moving to the country, we’re sure it’s just a phase, particularly if it keeps snowing.


The Big Picture


Westfilds by Jason hawkes

Westfield shopping centre roof by Jason Hawkes

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