We love: older models

Jerry chanel 


photo taken from The Women who are redefining 50 in The Sunday Times 


It’s been a good week for older super-models. Marie Helvin looks great as the new face of Marks &Spencer’s Portfolio range and now Jerry Hall is the ‘new older face of Chanel’, whatever that means. She comments in the Sunday Times this week that the shoot for Chanel, where she lies around semi naked with a toy boy at her side, was a blast. We bet it was.


What with Twiggy popping up on TV and at M&S and Madonna flashing her knickers (again) for Louis Vuitton’s ads, anyone would think that us older women were cool. But can we just say one thing? Ladies, what's with the plastic faces? Stop with the botox/fillers/cheek implants/surgery/airbrushing. You are gorgeous naturally, so enough, ok?


Marie Helvin is the face of Portfolio by M&S

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