Middleagecrush: Iggy Pop


We can’t help it, we have a middleagecrush on Iggy Pop.

He shouldn’t even be alive he’s been so bad, what with all the drugs and wicked goings-on but he looks pretty good and he's just appeared, wearing very little (as usual) in Katie Grand’s new magazine Love, out today.


Ms Grand is considered deeply cool and her new mag is hotly anticipated by style monitors everywhere, so The Women’s Room was delighted to see she’s used loads of older models  mixed in with the hot young things in the first issue. Along with Iggy, there’s Amanda Harlech, Angelica Houston, Yasmin Le Bon, Jerry Hall, Vivienne Westwood, Diane Von Furstenberg and more. Not exactly a new group of older role models (where are the cool new old?) but at least they are there in reasoanble numbers, And Katie thinks they’re important so well done Katie.

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