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Getting teenage girls interested in sport after compulsory lessons at school finish is tricky, getting mothers of teenage girls interested in sport is even more challenging, but Sportsister.com, the website about sports for women is trying to do just this.

With boundless energy Danielle Sellwood and Louise Hudson, two experienced sportswear designers, have made Sportsister an essential reference point for women who want to participate, buy or just read about sport and sportswear. Just reading it makes you want to jump up and salute to the sun.

They saw a gap in the market for intelligent, enthusiastic reporting on sports from a female angle, including highlighting nutritional needs in the Clinic section, the importance of wearing a sports bra and finding the perfect Capri pant for yoga (it always starts with the clothes for us).

The focus on women only is refreshing and the subjects covered, including a forum discussion on encouraging teenage girls to get active, useful. Who knew that a shot of black coffee makes you run for longer (and therefore helps burn more fat) or that one million women and girls play netball in Britain each week?

The ‘getting started’ section was where we found ourselves getting very inspired, I have always fancied wall climbing and apparently there’s a club close to home….



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