A field of dreams at Barcroft Hall

Photo via the Daily Mail online

Wild flower planting at its most creative at Barcroft Hall in Somerset, where over 57 varieties of seed have been sown on a disused two acre field on the estate of Denise and Brian Herrick, resulting in this beautiful mass of colour and floral texture. The couple had been inspired by mass flower planting they had seen in South Africa and Kew Gardens and wanted to create a garden of quiet peacefulness that would last throughout the summer.

As TWR reader Lorna said (who brought this story to our attention) ‘this is what I imagine my packet of Lidl wildflower seeds will end up looking like in my garden but it never quite does….” Gardeners might like to know that the seeds were supplied by Emorsgate Seeds from Kings Lynn (WARNING, gardeners beware, VERY tempting site) with horticultural advice given by leading butterfly expert Clive Farrell, the chap responsible for those butterfly houses all families with children have been to at least once. The seeds were sown at 4gms per square metre, should you wish to try this at home and all the plants are listed photographically on the site here which is very useful.

You can visit the field and the rather impressive looking Barcroft Hall every weekend throughout August, but you need to book, and since the story appeared yesterday in the Daily Mail, their twitter feed @Barcrofthall indicates there’s been a lot of interest.

Photo via the Daily Mail online

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