We love: Selvedge


In times of recession there are certain purchases that seem unnecessary and somewhat indulgent. Recently we’ve found we don’t buy nearly as many magazines as we used to. Maybe its the free information we can get on the internet (if you read The Womens Room, why would you need a magazine?!) or maybe if we are going to spend money on a magazine, it has to offer us something more than ‘How to keep your man happy and cook supper in five minutes.’

Selvedge magazine is really more of a book than a magazine and at £8.50 is something we keep on the book shelf and refer to again and again. Aimed at intelligent and curious curators, collectors, designers, artists, students and those who simply love textiles. It provides a broad view of the textile world, from home made to technically brilliant and reflects the creative lifestyles of its readers. Selvedge is really more of a way of life than a magazine.

Published six times a year, it was launched over five years ago by Polly Leonard a former textiles teacher, in an attempt to look at textiles in the widest possible context. Something that she has more than achieved. The current issue offers make do and mend practical ways to get through the recession, such as ‘How to make your own apron’ and ‘five simple skill your mother should have taught you.’

With circulation increasing and big name designers keen to be included, the magazine is going from strength to strength.


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