The Dries Van Noten Film Is Out On DVD

Just a quick heads up for anyone who might want to see the new Dries Van Noten film but whose local cinema is unlikely to screen it…The film is out now on DVD and is a total treat. Jane wrote about the film here, and I can confirm – having bought and watched the DVD this weekend – it is marvelous, and I love Dries even more now. He seems gentle, kind, intelligent and remarkably without ego. My favourite bit in the film is where he and his partner potter around their gorgeous house (ahem, more like mini mansion) table-scaping their decoratives and putting flowers they’ve cut from their garden in vases. A total treat.

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  • Melanie says:

    Phooey! I’m in the US, and Amazon hasn’t caught up to it here yet. Maybe I can stream from the UK?

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