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Elspeth Thompsons railway carraige

Elspeth Thompson is an gardening writer, who recently wrote The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaiming Life's Simple Pleasures, a beautiful book packed full of ideas for free, pleasurable ways of making the weekend a time of simple pleasures.
She divides her time between London and the south coast where she and her husband are turning two dilapidated Victorian railway carriages into an eco-house.
Her blog tells the story of the house and garden renovation and the delightful surrounding area. If you are dreaming of a second home or simply want to be inspired to get out into the garden, take a look at her blog and her website.

Elspeth also has another book out in May called Homemade: Fabulous Things to Make to Make Life Better which features a contemporary take on all things homemade, whether it be making things from the garden, crocheted coat-hangers, cordials and cupcakes, cushion covers made from vintage blankets, old shirts cut up to make summer bunting, or festooning the house with leaves and flowers, there are over a hundred simple ideas to make yourself and transform your surroundings.

Elspeth Thompson's Blog
Elspeth Thomson  

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