We hate: ‘it’ shoes

Louis v 
As seen on Style.com

Is it just us, or does it get harder to find shoes you like, the older you get? Stomping around in uncomfortable winkle pickers, brothel creepers or wooden platforms didn't bother us when we were younger, and quite frankly the uglier the shoe the more fashionable we felt. But these days we want comfort as well as style and increasingly find we simply don't understand current footwear trends. Which is worrying for us, as we work in fashion!

One such trend is the current 'throw everything on it and make as uncomfortable as possible' ethnic sandal. The ultimate version from Louis Vuitton features rare and exotic leathers, tribal-inspired fringes, beads, sequins, gold-finish rivets and other hideous embellishments. They cost £1630 and are heralded by fashion magazines and bloggers as the 'must have' sandal of the season. Of course there are already several cheaper high street versions now available, which are equally unpleasant. 

We do realise that often fashion can be fickle and often bad taste becomes good taste, but not this time ladies. Unless you want to look like a middle aged drag queen or a very dodgy version of Nancy Dell'Olio/Donatella Versace, stick to your Birkenstocks this season.

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