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For all our readers with a love of taxidermy, bell jars, moon cycles and a bit of Stevie-Nicks inspired gothic magic…

Every time we go onto Etsy.com we are amazed by the incredible wealth of talent and imagination we find tucked away on the site communities. With a bit of time on our hands we discovered the world of Lady Lavona and her Cabinet of Curiosities community as well as her own blog. Ms Lavona’s site is well worth checking out if you want a bit of oddly whimsical, gothic inspiration for either fashion or home.

Each of the blogs on the ‘Cabinets’ community is interesting, but we like Lady Lavona for the original look and the photography, particularly the reference to photographer Mike Brodie’s magical ‘'Tones of Dirt and Bones" series.

Her ‘recommended blogs’ is a gem of a list for any of our readers seriously into home furnishings, check out the Trove and Urban Flower sites on the Covet list for starters and we also love Polly Morgan’s  taxidermy work (under WunderKammer), which features in World of Interiors this month.

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