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Knitted blazer Blouse

Lisli blazer £156.60 and 3.1 Philip Lim blouse £137.00 was one of the first internet sites to crack buying online, and it is still one of our favourite places to browse for fashion. Buying, however, has always been for special events only, due to the high price of everything. But now there’s a bargain version in the form of The, which has finally opened for business.

Headed up by one of our Style Icons, super-groomed Natalie Massenet, the site offers mini sales, bargain designer clothes at big discounts and special ‘sale events’ where clothes will be put up for sale in a sort of auction-in-reverse, how-low-can-you-go pricing system.

The best thing about this sale site for us (there are a lot of these type of sites springing up around the place as we said here) is that the collection is edited by the Net-A-Porter team, who have cast their stylish eye over the stock to ensure it’s not any old sale rubbish that is reduced because it was always a disaster style, which is reassuring.

And the prices are great, with big discounts on very covetable brands. If you sign up to the weekly emails, you are assured of knowing when the new stock hits the site, which is important because purchasing behaviour needs to be different from buying from full-price sites. Sizes are often random and the stock is in short supply with no reorders, if you like it you need to buy it, chances are it wont be there tomorrow.

Here are a few of the styles we’ve been browsing today….

the knitted cream blazer from Lisli, originally £313.19, now £156.60 (50% off) looks really useful and this trimmed blazer look is everywhere for winter 09 so this one will run and run.

3.1 Phiip Lim’s (one of our favourite designers) artist blouse reduced by 50% to £137, again spot on for both now and for autumn trends.

And a bit of trendy yellow with the Casey shift dress from the uber-chic Tory Burch, at £197, reduced from £328.

As we keep saying, buying anything full price is fast becoming a quaintly old fashioned idea.



Tory Burch dress £197

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