Protect and Perfect


When Boots launched the Protect and Perfect range two years ago, they sold out in a day, after a report on BBC2’s Horizon revealed it really could make the skin look younger. 
Initially we were cynical about all the hype, but it seems these creams actually do work. 
Their latest offer, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is in stores on Thursday and is said to be twice as good as normal moisturisers at plumping up the skin and smoothing away wrinkles. 
The British Journal of Dermatology carried out a year-long study at Manchester University and found that 70 per cent of those who used the cream for a year had fewer, finer lines.
The secret is thought to lie in a cocktail of vitamins, proteins and plant extracts which act together to boost production of fibrillin, a protein which makes ageing and sun-damaged skin more elastic.

We are already big fans of Protect and Perfect so will be hitting our local Boots as early as possible on Thursday. Its aimed at more mature skin than its sister products, only £19.75 and seems to work. Whats not to like?

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