Whats your colour? The green lady

Green lady 2

You know how much we love eccentrics here at the Womens Room, especially older ladies who are unique in their choice of clothes. There is nothing more refreshing than someone who has developed their very own eclectic style, no matter how barking mad they look. There are several who live in my neighbourhood that I am dying to take a picture of, but I havent quite worked up the courage.

We stumbled across the 'Green lady' on the fabulous Mister Mort blog recently and were fascinated by the fact that she only ever wears green.
She started wearing green when she moved to New York in 1964 and now wears it from head (including her hair) to toe, every day. She says she loves the colour 'as it reminds her of the nature in her native Nova Scotia.'

A textile designer by trade, Elizabeth Sweetheart is affectionately known on the streets of New York as the 'Green Lady', and claims she has never had a negative reaction to her look.
We'd love to meet her and will be keeping an eye out for her next time we visit NYC.

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