Blimey! We actually love Vogue July


We've often been a little hard on UK Vogue here at The Women's Room, always because it seems to have forgotton we exist as readers. All fashion shoots, articles and shopping pages seem to be aimed at the under 30s, even though we are the ones who can afford the stuff. Well hang on to your horses, this month's edition is AIMED AT US! Yep, according to editor Alexander Schulman, July is the annual month of agelessness at Vogue and she tells us that it is one of the most popular editions of the year (Hmmm, that tell you anything, Alex?). We have long admired US Vogue's Ageless Issue which has been running for years and it's great to see the UK following the example. It even features Ms Schulman's mum, the chic Drusilla Beyfus.

I have just sat down and read my copy cover to cover and I can't remember the last time I did that, the articles are excellent: one on vintage for the over 40s (a really good idea due to the great shapes), an interview with Julianne Moore (who at 48 gets instant access to our Style Icon category) and Women in Fashion, which features stylish musings from ageless fashion luminaries such as Celia Birtwell, Jane Shepherdson, Bell Freud and the wonderful Wendy Dagworthy who is head of fashion at the RCA. There's also the now inevitable article on Michelle Obama and a brilliant assessment of the real wardrobes of stylish oldies and an Ageless Style shopping page where we could actually find stuff we'd consider wearing. There's even an article on ageless scent well written by Sophie Dahl (who knew she was good at describing perfume?)

What a joy! Oh if only it could be like this every month. Enjoy it while you can as it's a whole year until we're thought about again, meanwhile The Women's Room will continue to assist your every fashion need…and more. 


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