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Columbia Road is one of our favourite Sunday morning haunts. What could be better than a bacon butty and large mug of tea and a stroll round some of the most eclectic and original shops in London, not to mention the fabulous plant and flower stalls.

One of our favourite shops on Columbia Road is Vintage Heaven (we seem to be in our very own Vintage Heaven at the moment, as everything that currently inspires us is vintage!!) A wonderful mix of treasures plucked straight out of our childhood, the shop and tea room are a cross between a church fete and our ancient aunt Ethel's living room. What we love most is, that while the shop gives the impression of being casually thrown together, the stock is lovingly merchandised into colour groups and collections of objects. Even the pictures on the walls have a theme.

The owner Margaret says, 'Since childhood I have loved certain things that have been 'recycled' by their previous owners. Mostly through choice but sometimes through necessity I have surrounded myself with these items. They have always had a greater appeal to me than things that are new and shiny. As a consequence I now have two large garages full of gorgeous and useful things.'

The quaint Cakehole cafe at the back of the shop sells tea and yummy cakes served on mis-matched china and we particularly love the carefully arranged wall of tapestry pictures.

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Vintage Heaven

82 Columbia Rd
E2 7 London
Friday 12 noon to 5.00pm,
Saturday 12 noon to 6.00pm & Sunday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Tel 020 77215968

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