Suckers for the sixties


Despite trying very hard, we're still struggling to give up our sixties habit, I blame it on never having got the chance to visit Biba and having to listen to smug women tell us how wonderful it was and what great bargains they got at the closing down sale. For those of you who need a sixties hit or want to reminisce about the shapes and store interiors, there are some great images on the blog , many of which we haven't seen before (and we're experts). We particularly liked the secretary with matching chair (bottom image).

The pictures all come from a vintage copy of a magazine called The London Spy, which was an appallingly misogynistic rag with tips for men on how to pick up women on the Kings Road, Carnaby Street and other London hang outs. The blog prints the text too but DO NOT read it, as it will make you very cross and your jaw drop at the attitude men had to picking up women. It's an instant cure to sixties nostalgia. 


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