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Back in 1999 when the film The Thomas Crown Affair came out, I wanted to be Rene Russo. She was 45 when she made the film and although she is an ex model and blessed with rather fabulous hair, she had what I considered (misguidedly) to be the perfect look for me; a combination of groomed tailoring and glam-biker chic. Despite constant practising I just couldn't make it work and on revisiting the film this weekend I can see why, she's thinner than a stick.

Her thinness seems to have completely pased me by previously or perhaps I admired it (I can't remember) but I now look at her and think 'unhealthy' rather than feeling envious. This has to be a good thing and must reflect how we are feeling towards the whole attitude of shape. We still want to be thinner, but perhaps we are moving away from the skin-and-bone look. Certainly as we get older it becomes really unflattering and deeply ageing to be a stick.

Despite being ten years old the film is still an elegant essay on how to construct an urban working wardrobe, assuming you can afford to buy the whole thing at Donna Karan (where I'm sure most of it comes from) and that you don't actually have to do too much work. Rene is gorgeous and carries it off superbly -tailoring, great cut and clearly yummy quality fabrics. My favourite outfit, the biker leather jacket worn over a long skinny jersey skirt and platform front lace biker boots, still stands the test of time and I am foolishly encouraged to review its potential for this winter. I'll get over it by September.

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  • Bianka Escobedo says:

    I have been looking for the white coat with the white fur collar that she wears in car scene after having dinner and she is given the BVulgari jewerly. Any idea? Email [email protected]

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