Readers Kitchens: Jane from the Womens Room

You know how much we love the eclectic style and unique interiors featured in blogs like The Selby and Set Design Thinking.
So we decided to invite some of our friends and readers to let us take a look round at their interior style, focusing on our favourite room, the kitchen.
Call us sexist, but more often than not the kitchen is the one room in the house a women can call her own. As a friend’s mother once said, ‘everyone else has a bedroom of their own, but I have to share with your father.’ So while obviously we have to share the kitchen with other people, it is usually a women’s style and taste and practical requirements that dominate the way a kitchen looks and functions. Can you imagine letting a man organise the cupboards? Sorry fellas but they would end up either autistically organised or hideously cluttered. When it comes to kitchens, we are happy to let the men cook and help out domestically, but the rest is up to us.

We start with featuring our very own kitchens. We hope you enjoy it and if you love your kitchen, get in touch, we’d love to see it.

Name: Jane from the Womens Room

Location: Stoke Newington, North London

What do you do in your kitchen and who with?
Since we extended our kitchen a year ago it has become the hub of the house. We always eat dinner as a family at the table, I think it’s really important for everyone to connect at the end of a busy day. 
I love to bake cakes, which never last more than a day, drink lots of tea and catch up with friends and neighbours. Middleagedad and I spend a lot of time in here at weekends, when the rest of the house is full of teenagers.
On Sundays the teens catch up with homework on the kitchen table and the room often resembles an art studio/bike workshop as someone always has a project on the go.
I insisted we didn’t have a tv in here (which made me very unpopular) but it means we talk a lot and listen to music, but we don’t always agree on what to listen to! 
I love arranging things on the shelves, apparently Charles and Ray Eames used to curate their shelves, I love that idea.
The kitchen feels very much like my room as I often work in here, at my desk in the corner over looking the garden. I usually get up really early in the morning when the house is lovely and quiet and still tidy, brew myself a pot of tea, switch on radio 4 and write the Womens Room.

Describe you kitchen style?
Eclectic sleek; one side of the kitchen is modern and functional and the other a mish mash of books and magazines, vases and cake stands, collected in Suffolk, at car boot sales and on eBay and bits and bobs that I have inherited or collected from around the world..

What is your favourite object and most useful item?
I love all my vases and have recently moved onto collecting chickens and cockerels.
My most useful item is the spoontula from Lakeland, a cross between a spoon and a spatula. How did I ever live without it.

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