Celebrity kids on the front row: Froddlers

Frow Toddlers copyWatching the live streaming of fashion shows can be tricky as on one hand I actually want to see the clothes (for work obvs) but the DM SCOS reader in me can’t help but focus on who’s on the front row.

Call me nosey or shallow (go on, I’ve been called that already this week!) but the celebrities on the Frow fascinate more than is healthy, but the recent trend for front row toddlers – lets call them froddlers – is way beyond my comprehension.

I can’t work out how their parents – dressed in their best fashwan outfits  – are not a hot sweaty mess trying to keep their squirming toddler from getting down onto the runway to run around, screech and fall over – ending in inevitable tears. Also shouldn’t small children be playing in sand pits, having a nap, making a mess with their food, bashing other small children over the head with bits of Duplo and generally causing chaos wherever they go.

Are these children of celebrities groomed from an early age to look fabulous for the camera, trained to wear Dr Martin boots without complaining and encouraged to love drab colours from birth? Is it just me or is there something a little bit sad about a two year old being paraded for the cameras like an extension of mummy and daddys brand.

Call me old fashioned but celebrity kids have many years ahead of them to be stalked by paparazzi and sit on the front row – God knows none of these kids will ever have a ‘normal’ life – surely they should be protected from the cameras as long as possible.

After all small children aren’t handbags!




  • kate says:

    or, indeed, lapdogs

  • Olivia says:

    Hear, hear. Couldn’t agree more. *removes toddler’s helping hands from keyboard, wipes away smears of banana*

  • Monix says:

    Maybe times are hard and the nanny has been let go? Look at poor Kayne’s trousers…

  • Maudie says:

    I am with you on every single point there Jane. VERY well said indeed! X. BTW I too am nosey and, at times, shallow – aren’t we all sometimes – it’s only some of us who are happy enough to admit it!

  • Osnat says:

    The story of Kim Kardashian forgetting her baby in her Parisian hotel lobby today, whether is true or not ,says it all .That poor little girl is no more than an accessory her mother carries around like her oversized bags and entourage and has no chance in hell to grow into a normal human being.

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