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Madonna and jesus 

Madonna's D&G shoot for W magazine, featuring the lovely Jesus

I have a new route to work which involves a long, fat busting walk. Close to the end there is a Pret A Manger where I stop for a much need cappuccino to get me to the office without keeling over. I have been flirting mildly with the totally charming, young Hispanic-looking guy behind the counter who has taken it upon himself to serve me every morning. He has dark eyes ringed with covetable black lashes and an utterly beguiling way with the words “Would you like chocolate on top?”. I am reminded of Madonna and Jesus.


Last week there was a gap in my visiting due to being away on holiday and on returning to my routine this week, he smiled broadly at me and seductively hailed me to his counter, “ Where have you been? I thought you had left us” he purred as he handed me over my coffee. He handed me a croissant as a treat, “What have I done to deserve this?” I say, totally charmed. He leans his fit body across to me, slowly, and says” I am from Rio, I don’t get to go home so much and you cheer me up because you remind me so much of my mother…….”

I’m moving to Café Nero from Monday.  

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