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It’s a while since we spent any time in M&S as we’ve been a bit disappointed in the clothes over the last season or two, but things are looking up on the accessories front. We liked the new Westfield Stratford store (read about it here) and while there it was the accessories that caught our eye. We saw them again at an M&S press day this week, much work has been done on the bags and shoe line which is looking very chic, here are our favourites:

Gloves; (above) lovely soft leather with tiny covered buttons and  either silky smooth or snuggly warm linings, leather gloves are like nail polish -the final touch of grooming that adds an extra bit of chic-ness to your winter wardrobe. There are lots to choose from (these are our favourites) so chuck away those manky mittens and get a pair of  smart ones.

Chelsea Boots: The black leather Chelsea Boot (below) is well priced at £59 and immensly useful, we’re loving it worn with thick coloured tights and mid calf length dresses and skirts, and if you want to be really edgy, with tanned legs, barely visible ankle socks and midi skirt, as we saw on stylist Ann Shore (she who co owns Story Deli, newly located to 3 Redchurch Street E1) when we saw her at her new space last week. Sadly, she wouldn’t let me take her picture.

Bags; A great selection of smart, useful and chic, from the Autograph claret shopper £85 (below right) which we love, the leather weave tote, £149 (below left) also by Autograph and our favourite the Limited collection Bowler at £39.50 (bottom). All are out mid October -end November, so keep an eye on the website/your local store.

And right at the bottom is a very pretty faux fur tippet scarf, in damson fur with a lovely satin-y lining which M&S have given to us to give away to you! How nice is that? All you need to do is leave an amusing comment, about why your accessory collection may benefit from a bit of an upgrade…..as always, the wittier the better…over to you, ladies. We’ll chose the winner by Sunday night.




  • Sara says:

    Deservedly mine to finish off my lovely accessories capsule collection of yellow marigold gloves, bobbly slipper socks and a Primark beret. Not all at once obviously

  • Janet says:

    Would go beautifully in the neckline of my old Jaeger camel coat – a vintage piece in need of an update. Love the bags too, especially the woven leather one.

  • Linda Evans says:

    I always think “a tippet’ sounds like something naughty from Victorian times, as in “that maid’s a right tippet” or “Fancy a tippet m’lady” ..however, a little bit of fluff can update a 2 year old winter coat, snuggle my stressed neck & make a great face pillow on my weekly 5 hour train journey from Cornwall to London.

  • gillian taylor says:

    Ok as usual cannot think of a thing funny or witty to say but the lovely little tippett would look just darling over my LK Bennett wrap dress that I will be wearing to my daughter’s wedding on 29th October! Whilst sitting here tapping away with sweat pouring I cannot possibly imagin the cenario of me wearing anything remotely furry but there was mention of snow before October is out so it could be my lifesaver!!

  • Saz says:

    Because moths have chomped their way through my beloved collection of cosy winter warmers [including my 30-year-old Le Tricoteur Guernsey], and a tippet is so much classier than a snood.

  • Doctor Mimi says:

    Because I have to have some way to impress my university students somehow and it will make me look chic and knowledgable…also because me old coat will have to do for another year, since my nine-year-old ballerina/tapdancer just had a growth spurt and grew out of every pair of shoes she owned in one month.

  • Amanda says:

    Hmm ladies, some very good reasons here….going to be hard to choose….anyone else deserve the fur tippet (it DOES sound naughty doesn’t it?) more than these ladies? We’ll pick a winner at the weekend so a little more time to go…Ax

  • Louise says:

    I would be in mind to call it my flipperty tippet because I can’t say the name without thinking of flibberty gibbet!
    I would of course have to act accordingly whilst wearing it!

  • Amanda says:

    Well, it was difficult to chose here ladies, as all of you sound very worthy indeed, cold weather. moth eaten wardrobes, wicked Victorian innuendos…..all great stuff. But I think today’s winner, for her prompt start and her rather tragic sounding accessories collection is Sara.
    Well done lass, email me your address and tippet’ll be in t’post. Ax

  • I don’t want a tippet, i’m just happy to know that Story deli is back in action. That’s all.

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