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The Women’s Room was in Northumberland this week enjoying the beautiful countryside and surprisingly great weather. We also searched out a great shop we’d been reading about for ages, RE, tucked away behind the Shell garage in Corbridge. It’s uninspiring location belies a terrific interior stuffed with things to make your house look nicer.

There are a load of stores around now that do ‘lifestyle’ merchandising, which is where everything is set out in a home and you think ‘hmm, I could get my front room to look like this if I buy the sofa/table/cushions/scented candles/beautiful but useless giant pottery urns. But RE is one of the best we’ve seen at this, mostly because the mix of product is really interesting and different ( and there’s lots of it) but also because the displays are gorgeous and everything is so reasonably priced. It would almost be worth making a trip here and buying every birthday/Christmas present needed for the year.

The Women’s Room favourites were the spookily real looking vegetable candles (buy the cabbages) and the rusted angels wings for candles (our Christmas displays are going to be so so good this year). If you can’t visit then hit the website and look at the American milk glass cake stands in pea green or the nostalgic tea cosys. We”re putting in an order for the black and white crow cushions and the giant paper bells and balls for Christmas.

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