Shoe Design by Rachel Jones

Shoe Design

Our friend Rachel Jones has just written a beautiful and informative book on shoes. Rachel is very good at shoes; as well as being a trend forcaster for shoes she also design’s her own label Rae Jones Shoes, which are lovely and we are seriously coveting both the Beeton and the Beau design for our winter wardrobes. The book was a labour of love and according to Rachel is “A book for shoe lovers, by shoe lovers showing the diversity in footwear design from sexy to sculptural, avante-garde to high fashion”.

As we mentioned recently with the Stiletto exhibition, shoes are now something to display as art on the mantlepiece, rather than having to go to the trouble of wearing them, so if you buy Rae’s book you can display it next to the shoes and look very informed. This one might be too nice to sit on the beach/around the pool and read, so we suggest adding it early to the Christmas list.

Shoe Design by Rachel Jones and Aki Choklat £34.95

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