The Womens Room guide to wearing leather


It seems that leather is back for Autumn Winter 2009/10 and we find it a little worrying. Don't get us wrong we have rocked the leather look with the best of them, but we were younger then. As you know we are not overly fond of being too restricted by our age, but with some looks there really have to be some boundaries. 
So to avoid looking like an aging rock chick, we have come up with a few simple rules.

Do not ever (NO honestly NEVER) wear a leather basque. Tina Turner is the only older women who can get away with it (and that was only in Mad Max!!) 

If you really must wear leather trousers, try to avoid anything too skinny. Unless you are Ronnie Wood, they don't work. There is a fine line between too skinny and too baggy and if you are not sure, then dont buy them. DO NOT ever attempt leather hot pants, we know they are fashionable, but remember, you are not Pixie Geldof.

Leather cat suits and matching leather tops and bottoms are also to be avoided unless you are going for that Devil Gate Drive look. We really weren't sure about Suzi Quatro's look the first time round and although we hear there is to be Joan Jet revival, we think we should leave that look to our teen daughters!!

Leather pencils skirts are defiantly a good look. Go for on the knee or even just above, but NO higher, even if you are really skinny and have Yasmin Le Bon's legs. Short leather skirts simply don't work on women over 35. End of! (argue with us you like?) 
We like this one from French Connection, which is reasonably priced at £175.

FC £175

Similarly biker jackets can work on older women, try the longer length one from Whistles at £350. Its longer length is both flattering and practical. We think it would look great with a Breton Top, skinny jeans or slim line cigarette pants and flat shoes

031JH51101_fr Calvin klein £1640l

Whistles Leather Jacket £350                                 Calvin Klein Dress £1,640

We also like the idea of leather used as part of a garment, rather than the whole thing and love this dress from Calvin Klein. The bodice is leather and the skirt wool, but at £1,640 we wont be buying it. We will keep a look out for a cheaper version.

Only ever buy black or brown and try to stick to stick to more classic styles. A bright purple leather dress may seem like a good idea in the shop, but you can guarantee you will not be wearing it next season. Think investment dressing!

So to sum up, while we usually encourage our readers to be daring and ignore convention when it comes to age and fashion boundaries, on this occasion we advise extreme caution when buying anything other than bags or shoes. But as usual, we are willing to be persuaded otherwise. 
Sue, any thoughts?

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