Readers Kitchens: Lindsey in Pembrokeshire


Who: Interior designer Lindsey Howell

Where: Pembrokeshire, Wales

What do you do in your kitchen and who with? No one knocks on our front door anymore, everyone comes around to the kitchen door.  I think this is fantastic, especially when Dai the Postman comes around to give my daughter a birthday hug, dripping raindrops from one of the wettest days we have had (if that is possible). Not so good when the plumber turns up and I am in my not very glamorous PJ’s.  We’re very lucky that the kitchen is very large and bright, so everything seems to happen in it, including some cooking!

How would you describe your style? I would like to say that my style is Contemporary Country, or Vintage Chic but it really has just evolved with the house and the family, adapting to hobbies and gifts and friends.  Granny's old Chesterfield holds the china, an old French fold away chair sits along side a friend's painting of a lighthouse, it is always a work in progress.


What is your favourite and most useful item? At present it is my beautiful Swiss Rosle tin opener, when I first bought it I thought it hadn’t worked so I cursed its expense and the Swiss, only to discover that it had opened the tin so accurately that you couldn’t see the join, only a little tug needed to open it. Clever lot the Swiss.  I also have to include my Granny's fish dome, although I have no idea what you would use it for, perhaps cheese? The colours and its size always please me.  If anyone knows what you would use it for I would love to hear.



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