Style icon: Ines de la Fressange


It is rather far fetched to have Ines de la Fressange as a style icon for The Women's Room, since she clearly comes from another planet: bonkers long legs, super skinny despite having two kids, innate atyle and access to some of the best clothes in the world (she was muse to Yves Saint Laurent). I mean you'd have to try very hard NOT to look good if you had all that going for you. We can't help but like her though and she has an admirably irreverant disregard for convention, which we fully support.

This week The Selby, our favourite homes-of-interesting-people website, shows Ines in her Paris office, which is almost entirely pink and cluttered up with handbags, shoes, photographs, books and other interesting bits and bobs. This is the type of office we hanker after and we will practise with our tiny desk space at home, perhaps we could paint the pen pot pink….We also love her damson velvet capri pants, wonder where she got them.


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