Shopping with experts: Sewing boxes

Sewing final 2

We like to think we are ahead of the curve here at the Womens Room and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify what we think consumers will want in the future. Our current love of crafts and make do and mend has recently found us searching for the perfect sewing box. 
Sewing boxes have long been relegated to the back of the cupboard (if indeed, you ever actually had one) and were seen as the domain of little old ladies. Now it seems everyone is either already sewing and knitting or planning to learn. As we have mentioned before, our mothers and grandmothers were experts at keeping small tins of hooks and eyes and buttons and always used a pin cushion, but our generation seem to have missed out on the joys of the sewing box. 
I have a Cath Kidston one and it never fails to please me when I open it up and all my equipment is stored neatly in individual compartments. There really is nothing more frustrating, than setting up the sewing machine etc and finding you don’t have the right colour thread or size needle.

So as we think you will be on the lookout in the next few months (could be a good Christmas present idea) we have been out and about searching for the most practical and stylish sewing boxes available and were surprised by the lack of choice. Cath Kidston and John Lewis are the only brands who have targeted this market. Come on retailers, you are missing the opportunity, especially Liberty or Muji. Imagine what fabulous ranges they could do?


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