Buy this: Labour and Wait’s computer brush


We love our computers here at The Women's Room but hate the fact that they don't quite blend in with the rustic French kitchen table and polished oak pew chairs, and we hate the fact that the printer, hard drive, cables and wireless booster boxes all seem to have been designed by someone with no sense of style or understanding of how they should blend into our houses. Obviously Apple Macs are ahead by miles in the design stakes, but you know where we are coming from.

So we were thrilled to see that those clever chaps over at Labour and Wait were selling a very stylish computer brush, which when placed in the vicinity of the clunky looking computer, add a certain sense of style. The brush is also a genius design, swishing all the dirt out of the keybords with a quick flick of the stiff pig bristle section and cleaning up the screen with its soft goat hair bit (have you ever turned your keyboard upside down and banged out the dirt? Euwgh!) Very effective, it will last forever due to being hand made and very sturdy. It is £16.50. 

We picked up the brush at Dover Street Market (almost the cheapest thing in the shop, L&W is on the top floor next to the lovely Rose Bakery)  at the end of an exhausting marathon shopping session on Thursday night during the Fashion Big Night Out celebrations by Vogue. The event saw every shop in London W1 open until 11pm in a bid to help retailers and get people shopping again. Actually we thought it was something of a damp squib, we had a lovely night out but it was really lots of the fashion crowd swilling back champagne and scoffing cup cakes while a few bemused customers looked on. We hope our retailer friends made some money.

Labour and Wait


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