Living with Max by Sandy Lewis


In a shameless plug for family success, we would urge you to read Sandy and Max Lewis in the Sunday Times today. We’ve written about Sandy and Max before when we featured Sandy’s book Living With Max, which is a heartfelt account of the highs and lows of bringing up a child with Downs Syndrome. Sandy is Amanda’s sister. The book goes from strength to strength and Sandy and Max have done a summer full of daytime TV appearences, book signings and other media stuff.

Somehow getting in The Sunday Times seems the very best thing and we are immensely proud of them both. We have been reading Relative Values in the ST all our lives, so to see your sister and nephew featured is beyond exciting and a little awe inspiring. It’s been a hard struggle for Sandy, her husband Paul, Max and his brother Charlie, but they have all done so much to raise the issues of Downs Syndrome and the need to change attitudes towards all disabilities. Go sis!

Sandy and Max in the Sunday Times

Sandy’s blog on living with Max

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