We Love: The Front Room


You know how fascinated we are here at the Womens Room with interior style. We love everything from the most stylish to the most eccentric, the only we thing we don't like is boring. There is nothing more disappointing than visiting someones house and finding they have no individual style. 
We particularly love the style of some of our older West Indian neighbours. Their eclectic, bright and often multi patterned style is often reminiscent of their culture and a hybrid of West Indian and English taste. 

Michael McMillan curated an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum in East London some years ago, featuring West Indian front rooms and their social significance. He has now turned the project into a book which is out at the end of September. This unique study of different migrant groups, examines how these rooms reflect some of the isolation, aspiration and displacement the owners felt and how certain objects became symbolic to them. The images are poignant and nostalgic and we love the mixture of print, pattern and colour.

Take a look at the website for some images that may well transport you back to you own childhood!!


And while we are on the subject, if you like this book you may well like Living Normally too! Not so much a visual inspiration, but defiantly heartwarming and makes you realise that maybe style doesn't matter so much after all!

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