We Love: Proper Afternoon Tea


Last week we were drinking tea in the Covent Garden Hotel and found ourselves sitting next to Ronnie Wood. All normal conversation immediately ceased as we speculated whether he was drinking alcohol, who he was calling on his mobile and whether Ekaterina was about to turn up? 
We managed to compose ourselves and speculated at the number of people taking afternoon tea. Not just a cup of tea, they were having a proper grown up afternoon tea, complete with tiny sandwiches and cakes on a cake stand. The place was packed and the charming waiter told us it was like this every afternoon. We decided that from now on, all Womens Room afternoon meetings will be conducted over afternoon tea.

It seems Lulu Guinness has had the same idea, as during London Fashion week she will be collaborating with The Metropolitan Hotel to create Afternoon De-light. Inspired by her Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the menu includes a selection of no-bread sandwiches, fruit scones and sweet and savoury low fat cupcakes shaped like lips, cameo heads, Pollyanna clutch bags and over sized roses. 
If you fancy an afternoon out and a 15% discount card for the Lulu Guinness Ellis Street shop, take a trip to the Met bar. Tea is served between 3pm and 6pm and is £24 per person.

Call 020 7447 4757 to reserve a table.

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