We Love: Crystal Cove


We bought the book, Crystal Cove Cottages some years ago, and taking another look at it recently, made us think about how there are some places in the world, you just know you could live!

The Toronto Islands is another such place and like Crystal Cove in Orange County, California, sadly it's just not possible. Somehow the fact that no matter how much money you have, these little utopia's are just not for sale, makes them even more desirable. To live on the Toronto Islands, you either have to inherit a property or marry someone who owns one. 

Crystal cove
Crystal Cove was inhabited by artist and families from the 1920's until 2001, when the area was turned into a national park. The cottages are now available to rent, so it is at least possible to have a holiday there.


The book explores the stories of the cottages and their interesting inhabitants and the art the area inspired. A fabulous read for those winter evenings when you want to escape to another world, or dream of a summer holiday. The Crystal Cove website has all the details on how to rent the cottages.

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