Style Icon: Diane Keaton


Photo by Ruven Afanador for More

Although she's often given a hard time by the press about the way she looks (remember the fuss about her Charlie Chaplin outfit for the Oscars? Apparently it is Not Done not to conform to the whole glam frock on the red carpet look if you are a girl, whatever your age), we can't help but love Diane Keaton for her quirky style and refusal to follow the standard path. I totally lost my heart to her (and Woody Allen) in 1977 when Annie Hall came out and I wanted to dress, sound and look like her. I think I spent the next five years wearing men's shirts in some way or other almost every day of my life, sadly I couldn't afford the Ralph Lauren ones she wore in the film. Waistcoats, baggy trousers and hats came and went (not always that successfully) but the men's shirts became a staple. I remember nicking a really fabulous soft Viyella check one off my dad and wore it until it fell off me. 

Amazingly she is now 63 and still looks every bit the unique indivdual she played as Annie.Still wearing the androgynous look and pulling it off well, She's also one of the few older film stars who has given us a good role model to follow as she's aged, She's playing opposite Harrison Ford in her newest movie Morning Glory, out next year and she looked great in Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson, where Hollywood actually acknowledged that people over 50 fell in love and had sex. Goodness knows how that ever got made.


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