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images from Style.com

The increasing popularity of streetstyle blogs has seen the outfits worn by the attendees of catwalks shows become almost as important as the collections themselves. The fashion editors in particular have risen to the challenge and rock up with a new fabulous and (often ridiculous) ‘on trend’ outfit every day. Calling this streetstyle is something of a contradiction in terms as it’s unlikely most mere mortals would casually stroll down the street on a September morning wearing one of editor at large Anna Dello Russo’s (seen above on the right) stupendously over the top outfits.

The fact that they have access to either free or hugely discounted designer clothes must help, but imagine the stress of getting ready in the morning if you know there will be a bank of photographers waiting for you when you get to ‘work’. Or even worse imagine the shame when they don’t take your picture. Luckily we don’t have worry about such things and are happy to just sit back and watch as the world and his wife send their version of the master of street style photography Tommy Ton to the shows.

Glamorous utility from Style.com

Susie Bubble and an 'on trend' yellow cab from Style.com

We feel it might be time for a bit if a reality check however and much as we love Tommy Ton’s images, the streetstyle that really inspires us, is of actual real people, who don’t look like their whole outfit cost as much as a terraced house in Doncaster. But hey ho maybe we just don’t take fashion that seriously!

Images from Harpers Bazaar


  • Jo says:

    I do like looking at those street style blogs but a lot of the people photographed look a bit TTH (trying too hard) and to my mind, that therefore negates any stylishness and I do feel some of them are a bit emperor’s new clothes. And I have to confess, I think Susie Bubble looks like she’s raided the rag basket and put most of it on, why is she regarded as a style icon/guru?

  • Jude says:

    This is one of the reasons I love TWR – you don’t pander to the fash pack. Some time ago you showed photos of women of our age taken at an art exhibition – that was great seeing proper grown-ups in ‘real’ clothes.
    Would love to see more of the same!
    But I also love seeing the highlights you’ve edited from the catwalk shows too, just for a bit of inspiration.

  • Jane says:

    Jo, so know what you mean about trying to hard. My daughter and I call it ‘self consciously stylish’. But I have to say I love susie bubbles style, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea!! I like the fact that she has totally her own style and isn’t head tontowndesigner labels!
    We would love to do more real (older) women street style pics, as always real work gets in the way, but will definitely try to do more in the future.
    J x

  • Jo says:

    I don’t work in fashion so I feel clothes/fashion should make one look nice/make the most of one’s best features while being appropriate for one’s lifestyle or whatever one has to do in a day. I do love Anna Della Russo’s clothes although sometimes they are a bit bonkers but she looks great and her look is appropriate for her job as a Vogue editor at large. Sarah Jessica Parker looks great and even Carrie Bradshaw (I know she’s not real) looked great in the stuff she wore.

    But I just don’t get Susie Bubble’s style; you work in fashion, please can you explain it to me. Or do I just not get the philosophical or intellectual background to the fashion industry. I can get it in food; eg as Nigel Slater said (approximately) ‘all this fuss about cooking being an art or a science, at the end of the day, it’s only something to eat ‘and the difference in any old ingredients making a meal that is not be very nice and the right choice of ingredients, cooked well, making something transcendental to eat. And clothes can do that too, beautiful fabrics making one look amazing so where does Susie Bubble fit in.

  • Amanda says:

    Hmm, Susie B, well Jane might be able to answer that more cleverly than me, but I think her use of colour- she’s always so very jolly with her print and colour matches -makes her stand out, and she does have a unique way of putting outfits together, mixing said prints in a way that makes wild combinations seem logical. Sort of.
    But really I’m commenting here to tell Jude I have already got my Frieze Art Fair ticket in the bag, which is where we did our last arty shoot, and Jane and I are going to a couple of fashion events this week so hope to have a few street shots for the blog soon. You wish is our command…..Ax

  • Jane says:

    Jo I think Susie bubbles style is a bit quirky, a miss match of patterns and colours and truely unique which is what appeals to me. But you’re right she doesn’t look nice as such, but perhaps sometimes high fashion is about looking different and a bit odd. To be honest I think she’s an acquired taste!!
    J x

  • Dinah Hall says:

    Oh I have to step in here and defend Susie Bubbles. What you don’t see here is the long citrine skirt and bright yellow lace ups she has on underneath. She’s fabulous. The world would be a duller place without her. She’s not dressing to hook a man, or to make other women jealous, or to suck up to designers – she’s just doing her own thing.

  • Jude says:

    Amanda, thanks for that, I look forward to seing those photos! Coincidentally I’ve got a flyer for the Frieze Art Fair on my desk but not yet got around to booking a ticket – there’s quite a decent discount if you book in advance.

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