Fashion and technology: Avon’s lipstick USB stick

Just after reading Jane's post on combining fashion and technology, I was sent this totally perfect USB stick from Megan, who represents Avon cosmetics, it is the USB stick used to send out info about the company and is, surely, a perfect female orientated piece of techology?

Firstly, it is very well made, being robost enough to kick around the bottom of a handbag for a few days without being damaged or the top falling off as it is made of that nice matt rubber.  Secondly, it is not attractive to teenagesons, who normally nick all my USB sticks the moment they are left lying around. Thirdly, it makes me smile, being so clearly brilliantly designed with girls in mind.

 Lip 03

Sadly I can't find it on the Avon website, so it might not be for sale. I will investigate with the lovely Megan and report later.

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