Hanging out with the girls at Tobias and the Angel

A selection of the Christmas fairies from Tobias and the Angel

A few years ago I spent a rediculous amount of money on a hand made Christmas fairy to hang on our tree. I got it from Tobias and The Angel in Barnes, Anyone who has been to Angel Hughes's shop during her Christmas build up will know just what an exciting experience it can be for first time visitors. Every year the shop closes for three days in order to transform itself into a Christmas wonderland, full of covetable gifts, heavenly smelling hyacinth bowls and a wonderful selection of hand made decorations for the Annual Christmas Show.

The first time I tried to buy a Christmas fairy, some years ago now, I was too late, they had sold out in under three hours, Angel had only made a few and was (I think) taken aback at the speed with which they sold, considering the price. The next year I was better prepared and so was Angel, she had made more of them and I was there at bang on opening time, although she only makes 18 or so each year, each one comes with a birth date tag. 

Since then our fairy has 'hung out' very beautifully, earning her keep, turning an ordinary tree into a Christmas spectacular. She is exquistely made, by Angel and her British based sewing team and has lovely hair, a hand drawn face and rather fetching knickers that she flashes from under her copious lace edged net petticoats if it's a tall-tree year. She wields a fierce looking star wand as she directs the holiday festivities from her elevated perch.

Since the first of the Christmas Shows, Angel has added whole selection of girls to the fairy Christmas portfolio, there are blondes, brunettes, red heads, crazy-wild looking ones and neatly prim and proper ones. There are now also angels in the range as well as an assortment of lovely tree and home decorations  You can order online, although why you'd want to do that rather than turning up on November 18th (from 11.30 till 9.00pm on the first day) is beyond me, as the shop is wonderful, I'd quite like to move in.

The Annual Christmas Show, which also includes The Dining Room Shop and Knots Elementals beauty products, will take place from November 18th until Christmas, at 62 White Hart Lane, SW13 OPZ.
ps, you want to know how much the fairies are? I can't possibly admit to it on the blog as middleagedad may read it and pass out, so maybe take a look at Angel's website.  

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